Eliminate Web-based Security Threats

Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce Costs

The web isolation browser for a more productive and secure enterprise

WebSentry combines our next generation secure web browser and intelligent access technology that securely connects, controls, monitors and manages every employee in your organization from one central console. 

A fully automated solution that enables customers to easily and securely provide employees one-click access to internal websites and web applications.


WebSentry takes the guesswork and fear out of knowing where your employees are going on the web, while enabling them to be more productive in a secured  zero-threat web-work environment. 


“When talking with customers, they most often expressed frustration that their workers don’t have an easy and secure way to access internal content, which means that their employees either waste time or don’t bother trying to access content that would make them more productive,” said Andrew Hebert, Vice President of Productivity Applications at WebForce. “With WebForce Software's WebSentry solution, we’re enabling greater workplace productivity, Inside and outside the corporate firewall! Furthermore, IT, HR administrators and security teams are happy with it's ease of use and compliance qualities and employees are willing to use it and are more productive.”                 

 Connecting the right people to the right technologies everytime.




At WebForce we believe a companies biggest assets are their employees and the web-based business applications that keep the company running. Our goal is to optimize web security and maximize employee productivity, with an unbeatable return on investment. WebSentry, the next generation secure web browser solution helps companies achieve this. We have been helping our customers achieve superior results through our enterprise solutions and custom application software development, and we want to prove it to you. 

Traditional Web Browsers haven’t evolved in decades, leaving multiple security gaps and one of the largest and most exploited attack surfaces from hackers outside and potential disgruntled employees inside company. With WebForce’s next generation secure web browser, you control the level of access and security protection for company assets, tailored to your specific needs.


Today’s workforce of employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers need access to internal websites and web applications. However, they often lack the security and convenience when working outside or within the corporate firewall, all of which can be cumbersome and significantly slow the process of connecting to vital corporate resources. We provide convenient and secure access to critical content. Our technology was built to provide easier access to corporate assets, greater security, and productivity. No need to build and maintain complicated infrastructure and one-off disparate solutions.

Now end-users can easily access and manage all of their applications and email from one central dedicated secure web environment with auto-logins and authentication for security and convenience. We eliminate credential related help desk calls,  intentional or unintentional rogue web-browsing, cyber-slacking, data exploits, ransomware, malvertising and other web-based threats


Browser Isolation

  • Physically isolate an internet users web browser and their browsing activity

  • Isolate your cyber risk away from your local IT infrastructure

  • Customize our browser platform to suit your unique requirements

  • Prevent Cyber-Slacking and associated costs

  • Strips web pages of any potentially malicious code in real-time

  • Creates a Zero-Threat web work environment per employee and of groups.



  • Easily login to accounts instantly without having to remember credentials

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce password reset costs significantly

  • Reduce theft of credentials

Private Browsing

  • Build employee confidence while browsing

  • Browsing history erased

  • Search history erased

  • Cookies deleted

  • No trace-ability 

  • No data footprint

Enhanced Security

  • Eliminate security gaps by reducing possible attacker entry points.

  • Reduce attack surface

  • Eliminate key-loggers, drive by downloads, malvertising, and other web based threats

  • Create a zero-threat web environment

  • Secure employee Web access.

  • Block malware and phishing sites.

  • Proactively combat cybersecurity threats.

Access Management

  • Know who has who has access to what to eliminate security blind-spots when employees change roles or leaves.

  • Simple provisioning and de-provisioning to know exactly who has access to what within your organization.

  • Minimize intentional or unintentional rogue web browsing and cyberslacking Improve employee productivity Manage trusted sites per employee Balance work/life web use according to your AUP Manage time spent on non-business related sites.

Web Filtering

  • Easily manage white-listed and blacklisted websites by individual users or groups  from a central console

  • Configure policy exceptions for different users and groups.

  • Block based on the content type being accessed.

Web Monitoring and Reporting

  • Centralize data reporting across enterprise systems

  • Provide visibility transparency into end user behavior

  • Continuous employee web monitoring

  • Maintain Compliance against your acceptable use policies - AUP

  • Identify potential insider threat behavior.

  • Flag possible legal liability issues. *Observe patterns for lost productivity.

  • Verify compliance to CIPA & HIPAA




Learn how to use WebSentry to:

  • Centralize Web Access by Users and Groups

  • Increase Employee Productivity

  • Monitor Collect and Track Web Usage

  • Safeguard your company and employees from Malicious and Accidental Web Based Threats

  • Easily Provide Employees with a zero-threat computing environment

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