Monitoring & Reporting

  • All employee activites are monitored and recorded for auditing purposes.

  • Maintain Compliance against your acceptable use policies – AUP

  • Verify compliance to CIPA & HIPAA

  • Know what sites your employees visit most often

  • Know what sites your employees have attempted to access that have been blocked


  • Configure web privileges and access at the user or group level

  • User’s access capabilities changes with role changes in the organization

  • Auto-Login Authentication
    - Easily login to accounts instantly without having to remember credentials
    - Increase Productivity
    - Reduce password reset costs significantly
    - Reduce theft of credentials


  • Build employee confidence while browsing

  • Browsing history erased

  • Search history erased

  • Cookies deleted

  • No trace-ability 

  • No data footprint

Increased Productivity

  • Each employee’s profile is set to allow as much or as little access to the web thus eliminating or minimizing cyber-slacking

  • Blacklists allow employers to block non-productive web activities.

  • Increased security reduces the amount of down time due to security breaches.


  • Every tab that is opened in WebSentry is encapsulated in a separate Webview process thus isolating it from other tabs/websites eliminating the possibility of cross-process and cross-tab attacks.

  • Local resources are isolated from web traffic.

Enhanced Security

  • Reduce possible attacker entry points by managing download capabilities by user.

  • Block Phishing and drive-by-download attacks by blocking the download before it ever starts.

  • Block the downloads of certain file-types by the file extension

  • Malicious websites are blocked by the use of DNS Blocking (DNSBL) lists that are continuously being updated.

The most secure browser and productivity platform for your business and employees.

WebSentry- Web browser, built for business.


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